This wiki is a public resource with the goal of sharing facts and fostering a knowledge-based community of Bitcoin users, developers, and anyone else that is interested in Bitcoin.

Unlike Wikipedia, the Bitcoin Wiki is not an encyclopedia. On this wiki we store the original research, results, and facts about Bitcoin's design. We try to keep linking to external sites to a minimal.

This is also not a yellow-pages site. Services, websites, applications etc. are not to be promoted on this wiki.
Exception: applications that help the Bitcoin ecosystem that are available and runnable for the foreseeable future. This technically means the source code is freely available, hosted on a popular site, and doesn't depend on a service or framework that may be unavailable in the not-so-near future.

We don't allow soap-boxing. No advocacy, propaganda, or recruitment of any kind. Just the facts, please.

Because this resource is open to editing by the general public, readers should be aware that the material presented here often does not reflect the views of the entire Bitcoin community and may be outdated, incorrect, or outright malicious at times.


In the Bitcoin community, at the time of this writing, we have a severe lack of facts. Researched facts that anyone can verify to be true. The majority of arguments are based on the opinions of people, opinions that nobody knows how far those opinions reflect reality.

This wiki was started to start providing a place where we can gather facts. Gathering facts is not about gathering statistics, or solutions, or well written arguments.

Creating a facts based wiki is about asking good questions and then finding an answer in a way that others can follow your logic, follow your methodology and only at the end present your facts and solutions.

The most important parts are the questions and the methodology for finding answers to your questions. This wiki is created for the sole purpose of providing a place where those questions and those paths to finding the answer can be shared and questioned by anyone.

With the weapon of facts and open research we can change the landscape from endless arguments to competitive progress.

This wiki is made distributed and non-centralized. It is hosted in github and can be copied by anyone and they can start their own if they feel they can host it better. Additionally, research can be done in a private copy of the wiki and later merged into the main one.


The license of the content hosted here is CC-BY, unless otherwise stated.